Amor del Diablo Owners

About the Founders

Noel’s romance with mezcal began as a baby. A native of Guerrero, Mexico, it was common for mother’s to rub the smoky elixir on the gums of teething babies. It wasn’t so much longer before he had his first official drink. Noel’s father and grandfather made and sold mezcal, and as a nine year old boy he and his younger brother were taken along to a Palenque to buy it by the barrel. Under lax supervision the two boys popped a bottle and quickly found themselves under Mayahuel’s spell (ie, dead drunk). At 18, Noel became an Aztec dancer, and mezcal grew ever more sacred through years of native ceremonials and dances.

Meanwhile… Raquel began her life in Ohio, quickly fleeing at the age of 17 to find her destiny in the wide world. After bouncing between jobs in Hawaii, Australia, and Vietnam, living on a tallship in NYC, and sailing the Caribbean in a handmade boat with indigenous Panamanians, she landed in San Francisco where her passion for community projects and sustainable agriculture mushroomed. In 2008 she founded Nopa’s food blog, before the Wayfarer’s Itch set in and she fled again – this time for Europe, India, and Nepal. In 2012 she landed in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, lured by an intangible something. Within two weeks of her arrival, she met Noel at the neighborhood Aztec sweat lodge. It was love at first sight. Or…at least not long after

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