Our Story

The Beginning

El Amor del Diablo was born from a union of Occidental and Azteca ideals. In 2013, founders, Noel Morales and Raquel (Rachel) Glueck traveled to a palenque in the Sierra Madre mountains to meet an old friend from Raquel’s raksi-sipping days in Nepal (raksi is a home-brewed, Nepalese rice wine). Here they met a family of mezcaleros who were looking for someone to sell their mezcal. After an informal tour of the palenque and four hours of conversation with the mezcaleros, they two headed home with 10 liters of mezcal – an offering for the start of a successful partnership.

Since that time, Noel and Raquel have been testing their product at home in Baja Califronia Sur and in the U.S. with “industry folk”. The mezcal has been a big hit amongst aficionados and newbies alike.

Mezcal in barrow 2

The Name

 When Raquel and Noel first started dating, all of Noel friend’s exclaimed “You’ve changed him so much! He used to be such a devil! Now he’s a teddy bear!” Noel, who has always danced for Tezcatlipoca (one of the keystone dieties in Aztec belief. Quetzalcoatl is the celebrated “light” side, and Tezcatlipoca the “smoking mirror” – the one who shows you your faults and weaknesses), enjoyed teasing Raquel about his “dark side”, asking her “What? You’ve never been loved by a devil before?”

That,” said Raquel, “is the perfect name for our mezcal company.”

And so was born, El Amor del Diablo.

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