El Amor del Diablo Mezcal

100% tradicional, 100% amor



To be a profitable, socially and ecologically responsible artisanal mezcal company that supports the traditions of mezcaleros along with their communities and environments.


To connect mezcal drinkers with the traditions of Mexico by providing the highest quality, artisanal mezcal in a manner that supports mezcalero communities and the sustainability of the industry.

The Challenge

Most traditional mezcaleros don’t have the money, education, or resources to register, market, and sell their product beyond their village. They’re often forced to sell their mezcal at a ridiculously low price, barely scraping by, while industrial producers reap the reward. Additionally, large companies have relied on mono-cropping, which has put wild agave plants varieties (from which many fantastic
mezcals are made) at risk. This has a profound effect on both the economic and cultural state of these communities, as well as the ecosystems supported by the wild agaves. Mezcal is at a crossroads: it can go industrial (like most tequila) or it can thrive under the guidance of the ancestral knowledge of mezcaleros.

Our Goals

Sell the highest quality, organic, artisanal mezcal.

Beginning in the state of Guerrero, create a cooperative of artisanal mezcaleros, enabling them to sell their product at a good price with the support of a strong business and community, while passing down their ancestral knowledge.

Create a fund from a portion of the proceeds that is designated toward community projects in mezcalero communities, such as education, sustainable agriculture, and business development.


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